Making a difference

Making a difference

Lisa Roth, MD always says it's important to give back to our community in whatever way we can. So when Dr. Roth wanted to get involved she didn't look farther than ... her own bookshelf. In addition to being a physician, she writes children's books.

The Magical Journey

the-magical-jouney=book-cover The Magical Journey is an inspirational and beautifully illustrated picture book that encourages active discussions with young children about values, morals and character traits. She has visited many local elementary schools reading and discussing her book. Children learn a lot from her presentations. Many schools have added The Magical Journey as part of their social and emotional literacy program.

The Magical Journey has its own web site. Click on the title to visit and enjoy!

Most recently, Dr. Roth has co-authored Stand Up! an award-winning children's book about bullying prevention and intervention, focusing on helping children understand their power in standing up for themselves and their peers. This book is unique in that children take it upon themselves to find a solution to the problem of bullying. Stand Up! is recognized as an important bullying prevention resource for elementary children and includes a teacher's guide as well as a parent letter that support the concepts of empowering bystanders and creating a school climate that encourages positive social norms and leadership.

Dr. Roth enjoys visiting schools to read and discuss her book with students. In fact, her enthusiasm to help others has inspired local musicians to write a song based on the book Stand Up!
Please contact Lisa Roth, MD to arrange for her to visit your school, religious organization, sports team or library.

Stand Up!

Many stories with a bullying prevention theme find the solution to the problem through adult intervention. In this story, the power lies in the children taking a positive stance to stop exclusion and unkindness in their school.

stand-up-book-coverStand Up! is an important story about a young boy who appreciates the value of having welcoming and caring friends. He decides to make life better for a classmate who is not as fortunate. Noticing that most children are compassionate, he gathers a group together to form a Caring Majority and successfully prevents a child who has food allergies from being bullied, ultimately creating a positive change in his school.

This story gives parents and teachers an opportunity to have a conversation with children about empathy and about how upstanders can play a major role in bullying prevention.

Paperback and Kindle version available at


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