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What are allergy shots?

Allergy immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, is a form of long-term treatment for allergic disorders that decreases allergic symptoms for many people by modulating the immune system in a beneficial way. Allergy shots decrease sensitivity to allergens providing lasting relief of allergy symptoms. Specifically, allergy shots contain extracts of proteins that are extracted from the environment. Extract manufacturers, regulated by the FDA, carefully process and refine allergens, such as pollen, dust, animal dander or mold to produce a concentrated, purified liquid protein extract that can be injected under the skin. Allergy shots are prepared and delivered by Dr. Roth to match the allergic sensitivities found on skin testing.

How do allergy shots work?

Allergy shots work like a vaccine. Your body responds to injected amounts of a particular allergen, given in gradually increasing doses, by developing immunity or tolerance to the allergen.
There are two phases:

  • Build-up phase. This involves receiving injections with gradually increasing amounts of the allergens weekly. The length of this phase generally ranges from three to six months. The incremental increases of the allergen cause the immune system to become less sensitive to the substance, by causing production of "blocking" antibodies, which reduces the symptoms of allergy when the substances is encountered in the future. Immunotherapy also reduces inflammation of the allergic response.
  • Maintenance phase. This begins once the effective dose is reached. The effective maintenance dose depends on your level of allergen sensitivity and your response to the build-up phase. During the maintenance phase, there will be longer periods of time between treatments, ranging from two to four weeks. Maintenance treatment is continued for three to five years. Medications help to control allergic reactions but do not change how the body responds to exposures. By changing the body's responses to allergens, patients on allergy shots have a better quality of life.

How effective are allergy shots?

Allergy shots are very effective and decrease many symptoms of allergies. Allergy shots can prevent the development of new allergies, and in children can prevent the progression of allergic disease from allergic rhinitis to asthma. The effectiveness of allergy shots appears to be related to the length of the treatment program as well as the dose of the allergen. Many people experience lasting relief from allergy symptoms.

Are there any risks to allergy shots?

There are inherent risks to receiving allergy shots. A typical reaction to an allergy shot is redness, swelling or itching at the injection site. This can happen immediately or occasionally several hours after the injection. Anaphylaxis is a systemic reaction to an allergy shot and is very rare. If it does occur, immediate medical attention is required. Symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction can include swelling in the throat, wheezing, nausea or dizziness. Most serious reactions develop within 20 minutes of the allergy injection. This is why the recommendation is to wait for at least 20 minutes after you receive allergy shots.


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